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Homeless Action was founded in 1997 and have supported over 10,000 clients in that time. Across Blackpool and Sunderland we operate 4 hostels and 83 move-on flats.

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There are many reasons why people find themselves homeless. Examples include relationship breakdowns, domestic violence, young people asked to leave home, people with drug and alcohol or mental health issues who are unable to sustain an independent lifestyle ,or simply because someone has lost their job and they are unable to pay their mortgage or rent.

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Homeless Action operate a Community Café, located at 264 Dickson Road. The café allows our residents to volunteer and gain work experience, enhancing their CV and ensuring they have a reference.

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How we work

The charity understands that it takes more than a roof over someone’s head to end homelessness. People experiencing homelessness often face a number of issues and we strive to support people as they take control of their own lives.

Our service

Our vision is to relieve the poverty faced by homeless, vulnerable persons in need. To achieve this we offer accommodation, support, and education to all our clients aged 18 and over, to empower them to develop the necessary skills which will enable them to live independently.

Our locations

Homeless Action operate hostels and move-on flats across Blackpool and Sunderland. Blackpool has three hostels with nine blocks of move-on flats and Sunderland has a 26 bed hostel with 10 blocks of move-on flats.

Homeless Action services are:

Open 365 days per year  |  Staffed 24/7


171 beds

Homeless Action accommodate up to 171 people at one time across Blackpool and Sunderland. Since being founded 26 years ago, we have supported over 10,000 residents.

Support worker

When a resident is accommodated with ourselves, they are assigned a support worker. The support workers assist residents depending on their needs. This can include contacting family, applying for benefits or even just being someone to talk to.

Work with Agencies

Upon signing up with Homeless Action, a support plan is devised and agreed with the resident in order to best assist them. This can include linking up with external agencies, such as drug and alcohol support groups, in order to get the best help for our residents.

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Across Blackpool and Sunderland, we operate 4 hostels (88 beds) and 83 move-on flats spread over 19 sites.

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Each of our hostels serve four meals per day to our residents. We serve up to 2,464 meals per week and 128,480 meals per year. Each of our hostels have a communal dining area, where residents can socialise whilst eating.

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Each hostel has a communal lounge area, with a TV and tea / coffee facilities. Homeless Action cover the TV licence for this communal area in addition to a Netflix subscription, allowing our residents to relax in their home.

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Upon being accepted into our service, each resident is assigned their own individual room. They are provided with new bedding and a towel. Each room has a safe inside to store personal belongings. Each hostel has a small number of en-suite bedrooms.

Room checks are completed twice daily to ensure rooms are kept tidy.

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A support worker is based at each hostel, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Support workers can help residents with their benefit claims, arrange appointments or even help them get in touch with family members.
Support workers have an office where they can speak to each resident privately.

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