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Additional Support

Referrals through agency or local authority

Councils or ‘Local Authorities’, have a duty to help people experiencing homelessness. Please contact your local council to find out what help they can offer. Depending on your circumstances, this could be:

  • Emergency accommodation – like a shelter or hostel
  • Long term accommodation – such as social housing. If possible, you should approach the council you have a local connection to – usually the place you have most recently lived. You can use the website to find your local council using this link:

If you are able to, we would encourage you to visit a day centre for people experiencing homelessness. Homeless Link provides a searchable database of homeless services so you can find the nearest option for you. Day centres can help you by providing:

  • Food, shelter and washing facilities
  • Housing advice
  • Skills and employment training
  • Social and support networks

Not every day centre offers the same facilities. If you have a particular need, staff at the day centre may be able to signpost you to the help you need.

Money advice and debt charities

If you’re worried about paying your rent, you should speak to advisory organisations like the Citizen’s Advice, Step Change or the Money Advice Service. They will be able to help you look into options like debt management plans, or direct you to help available to you.

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