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Hostel Amenities

Safety and security

All our hostels are safe and secure with a Night Duty Supervisor on duty at each hostel every night of the year. Entry to each hostel is by a fob system, which is also monitored by CCTV. Each resident has their own key to their own bedroom and in each bedroom, there are personal safes, key codes are set by the residents themselves and the master key is kept secure in the hostel manager’s office.


All our hostels provide 4 meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. All meals are served in a communal dining room and the menu is varied, healthy and is seasonally adjusted. Our team of Chef/Housekeepers try wherever possible to help those residents with strict dietary needs, such as vegetarians, lactose or starch intolerant etc.

Tea / Coffee facilities

A number of our hostels provide refreshments via our communal tea and coffee bars. Other light refreshments between meals are also available from the kitchen, served by a staff member, until 9.30 pm – when we close the kitchen.

A common area

In addition to shared dining room spaces, all our hostels have common areas, which are great places to meet and interact with others. Our hostels provide computers for our residents to undertake job searches, training courses, write CV’s and stay in contact with their family and friends. Some of our hostels also provide recreational activities such as a pool table, books, DVD’s, music and games.

Ensuite and shared bathrooms

Each hostel has a number of ensuite and shared bathroom facilities, consisting of a shower, wash basin and a toilet.

Free wifi

Each of our hostels provide WiFi throughout the entire hostel, with WiFi secured by a password that is given to the resident on entry. Content filters are applied to ensure residents can't access inappropriate or gambling websites.

Laundry facilities

Each hostel offers free washing facilities on site. Dryers are also available to use.

Linen and towels

All our hostels provide our residents with free bed linen (quilts, sheets and pillow cases). Each resident is supplied with a towel and toiletry pack on entry to the hostel.